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Why do we make thing’s so God Damn Difficult… Said the Asshole

Tony Montana, a.k.a Scarface
Tony Montana, a.k.a Scarface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Simply put, I have a lot of things to carry out. And of those “things” i’d like to accomplish, are a whole slew of skills, qualities, and social barring that make my “accomplishing” that much more of a burden. I know what you’re thinking, “if you have it so well whats the big f****** issue”. Well, simply put, if you aren’t worth shit, and don’t have shit, nobody expects shit from you.

And yes, I am the white, 1st-world-asshole that just complained about having it so good its hard. gfy

I mean, I struggle with this daily. Ever since reading the OutliersHahaha yeah I know right, who would have thought reading a non-fiction psychology book about successful people would make me want to live in a van down by the river??

Yet there I am. Day after day. Night after night. Wondering when people will just give me all the shit I want… Which brings me to a quote from Scarface that always seemed fitting to me.

Tony Montana: I work hard for this. I want you to know that.
Elvira Hancock: It’s too bad. Somebody shouldv’e given it to you. You would’ve been a nicer person..

 See!!! Imagine how nice I, Jehan Zohrab, would be if I was rich……………………………………………………………….. at the very least a ton of woman across the country would be going “back to school” and getting their “braces” fixed…. (jesus…. i’m pretty sure my friend Lauren uses me as a case study at this point… fml)

And yet, I find myself constantly searching for ways to NOT accomplish.. Like this blog for instance. Or even this god-damn-article. Seriously. What the fuck is this even about?!? I swear I wrote this just to feel bad about myself  being sick. Btw, i’m not sure why men don’t play all the parts in Hollywood that need “sick people”. I guarantee we could even play the female parts. Because, god damn’t, nobody bitches and moans about being sick like a MAN!!! fml

lol, I digress. Clearly this is about something.

Procrastination for the sake of Procrastination?!? Maybe… but my friends know me better than that… I hope.

All I know is that I clearly have a lot going for me, and yet I struggle daily with what I “want”, and who I want it with.

Never Mind. Found Her...
Never Mind. Found Her…

And that has a GINORMOUS effect on my mental stability, and how “happy” I am for extended periods of time.

And at this point, I am pretty sure all that I want is happiness. And as someone who comes from money, I would like to do my best at insuring that nobody believes those two things are mutually exclusive.

In summation,


– Jehan

Cover of
Cover of Outliers: The Story of Success

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